What is Keliso

Keliso is the answer to the question: How can artists earn a living when people can copy their work for free? Keliso is an exploit of human nature, a system that encourages people to donate their money, time, and effort towards the work of their favourite artists. It fuels the creation and distribution of productions.

Keliso is a system of multiple websites that form communities of people. These communities mimic the best parts of natural communities while still allowing anonymous access. These communities can be closed or open to new members, depending on how they are created. Members can move between communities or form new communities of their own. These communities have unique features that make them self-moderating. From creation onwards, they can run themselves without interference. Keliso supports self-creating, self-maintaining, and self-funding online communities of people.

Keliso is open, flexible, and distributed. Artists can join communities or build their own, website operators can host communities, and artists can be their own website operators if they wish. Website operators and the Keliso system as a whole have an immediate and self-sustaining revenue stream. Keliso communities pay their way, right from the start.

What is a Production

Within the Keliso framework, a production is anything that can be digitized, and more. The most obvious examples are recorded songs, movies, or stories, but these are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. A production could be a poem, a technical manual, a blog on investment tips, or journalistic reporting. It could be a program, or revisions to programs; Keliso is designed to fund the development of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). It could be pictures of flowers, pictures of pets, or pictures of adult content; Keliso is designed to support while at the same time segregating content not suitable for children, or those who would rather not bother with it. A production could be architectural drawings, or CAD/CAM designs. Keliso productions don't even have to involve content at all, they could collect donations for medical research or other charities. At its core, a Keliso production is just a focus point for a community.

If there is something that would benefit lots of people if it were done/released/created, then a Keliso production can bring people together to fund it.

What is Keliso?