Legal Content

Keliso is about fueling the creation and distribution of legal content. It's about allowing the owners of content that is already being shared illegally to make money while making this sharing legal. It's about creating a way for content producers to make money in an age when content can be copied for free.

But, any site devoted to funding and distributing content is a target for abuse. There will be unscrupulous people trying to raise money for the release of content they don't own the rights to. There will be unsavory people trying to distribute content that is flat out illegal and disgusting. There will be people just trying to make a nuisance of themselves. This is a fact of life, and Keliso is ready for it.

Keliso has built-in mechanisms for dealing with these people. There is a system that allows the processing of take-down notices in a way that requires no intervention by website operators. Keliso has a complaint and take-down system that functions within the Keliso communities, leveraging these communities to deal with the problem both quickly and efficiently, including complaints, including appeals, and the restoration of content if required. Keliso is designed to work with the law-enforcement community such that illegal content can be removed as soon as anyone complains, where information on people attempting illegal activities can be in the hands of the police immediately. No court orders, no paperwork, just immediate results.

Keliso is designed to be a place where people can earn legitimate income; it is not a platform for free speech or artistic freedom. If the community doesn't want a producer's content, then they can kick it and the producer out, all without any assistance from the website operators. Keliso is a place where the producers of content can build a community of people that support their work. There is no place for troublemakers in these communities and there are mechanisms to kick those people out, quickly and easily.

What is Keliso?

Monetising Existing Content

Are you sitting on the intellectual property rights to a virtual mountain of content? If so, you need something like Keliso. Keliso isn't just about releasing new content, it can fund the release of existing content too. Yes, you've already published your content, it's already been pirated into the P2P Datastore, but that's okay. Keliso can still work for you.

Within the Keliso system, content is the focus of the community, but accessing this content is not the reason people contribute. Thus, your content can already be available while you raise money to make it legally free to share. Yes, you can still make money in the Information Age, and you can do it with the support of the file-sharing community.

All you need to do is give people a reasonable alternative that works with the new reality of the Information Age, that works with the P2P Datastore. You need to work with people, to build relationships. Keliso is a system that can give you that opportunity, an opportunity to have people work with you towards common goals. Keliso is also a system that could make you a lot of money, if you do it right.

What is Keliso?