My Linux for Kids Notes

This is not a "how to" guide, a definitive list, nor even a recommendation for what to do for your kid. It's simply my notes. I needed to keep them somewhere, I needed a place where I could update them easily, and I wanted it "in the cloud" so I could always find it. Oddly enough, a blog is actually a good place to do this. I don't mind sharing my notes and if you find them useful... good for you. If you have some other recommendations, feel free to comment.

I'll be updating this as I go...

The list of linux apps I install, suitable for cut and paste into a sudo apt-get install command for a debian-based linux distro, because that's how I do it:

sudo apt-get install gcompris tuxpaint tuxpaint-config tuxmath tuxtype ktuberling stopmotion playonlinux extremetuxracer neverputt pingus funnyboat pysiogame stellarium stellarium-data supertuxkart sugar connectagram

Via playonlinux, install:
  1. 3d train studio - downloads free version via script. Pretty awesome for kids that like trains.
    - 20 trains (running) is a fun one to download. 
What each app is:
  1. gcompris - a big bundle of kids games, puzzles, and educational activities. Highly recommended. 
  2. tuxpaint - awesome painting program with lots of stamps. The config allows various settings. 
  3. tuxmath - still seeing if my kid likes it. 
  4. tuxtype - my kid loves this typing tutor, from about 1yr old. Seriously. 
  5. ktuberling - Mr Potato Head goes cyberspace. 
  6. stopmotion - makes stopmotion - still testing this one 
  7. playonlinux - scripts to install many Windows apps under wine. Most, but not all, require the CD 
  8. extremetuxtracer - 3D racing game, with Tux sliding down a ski slope. 
  9. neverputt - a minigolf game 
  10. pingus - a funny game for kids that like penguins, and what kid doesn't? 
  11. funnyboat - great kids game. 
  12. pysiogame - another educational game suite like gcompris, slightly more advanced. 
  13. stellarium - study the planets and stars. 
  14. supertuxkart - 3D racing game in go-karts. 
  15. sugar - the One Laptop Per Child OS.  Still experimenting.
  16. connectagram - word de-scramble game.

Other stuff to remember:
* Celestia - no current install candidate.

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